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Meet the team


Jonas Berry is currently working towards a BFA in Film and Television Production at NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a concentration in creative producing and directing. He is interning at Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music.


Originally from San Diego, Celeste Erlander is a NYU Tisch Film & TV Major with an Entertainment Business Minor and a ravenous passion for producing. She has produced a dozen student films and an independent foreign short, and is currently a Development and Sponsorship Intern for the Nantucket Film Festival. Recently, she won the 2018 First Run Film Festival Craft Award for Producing for the short drama The Spinning Man.


 Jeremy Truong is a San Francisco transplant in his senior year in the film and TV program at NYU Tisch. Working as a camera assistant on over 100 productions, Jeremy transitioned into the more logistical side of producing and enjoys applying that knowledge into informing visual styles and creative problem solving. Jeremy has produced work with London based VFX powerhouse The Mill+, BuzzFeed NY and handles press coverage at film festivals including SXSW, Tribeca, and the New York Film Festival as an executive producer for “The Close-Up” radio show.


Owen Lazur hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His skills as a director and producer stem from his years of experience in nearly every department of film production, from production sound to set lighting to visual effects, which give him a strong foundational understanding of what it takes to make a good movie. He has a fervent passion for story, and is attracted to projects with vivid characters and engaging drama.


Zoë Simone Yi is a New York based cinematographer. Her work has screened internationally and won awards at festivals such as Madrid Art Film Festival, Girls Impact the World International Film Festival, and has been published on Forbes, HuffPost and more. She has photographed numerous short films, music videos and commercial projects as well as been a part of multiple feature films. Most recently, she has shot for Vogue Thailand. She strives to create images that are both technically exceptional as well as emotionally driven, to create a visual bond between audience and the story of each film she shoots.


Saanya Ali is a senior at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Studying mixed media storytelling with a focus in film, she has has been production designing and art directing indie short films and music videos for the past three years. With a background in writing and photography and an interest in art theory, she loves to explore different methods of visual storytelling and enjoys building characters through the external elements that you see on the screen.

I’m really excited to be able to build the world that this film lives in, using music as the inspiration.


Joanie Educate is a New York City based filmmaker whose love for editing came from a lifetime of being told she took too long to tell stories. Since graduating with a degree in film & television from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, she works full-time as a freelance editor. Her body of work includes countless short films, as well as music videos, a TV pilot, branded documentaries and commercials. Languages she's worked with include English, Spanish, German, Turkish, Mandarin and French.

Jonas and Joanie are best friends, as pictured right.

photography by Olga Ush